Hi! Did you realize numerous individuals get befuddled between white korma, white karahi, and white handi. A few people think all are same and they wind up blending fixings. In spite of the fact that, fixing are comparable however they have various fragrances and appearance. All karahi, korma or handi can be made with chicken, hamburger, sheep or sheep.


Karahi truly implies wok in Urdu. At the point when meat is cooked in karahi with yogurt and cream, bunches of ginger and jalapeno pepper are utilized . The outcome is a yummy light karahi.

White Korma Karahi


This is another rich delicacy. Handi is mud pot or earthenware pot. At the point when boneless meat is cooked in handi with green bean stew, pepper and broiled cumin and coriander, the outcome is a handi. Here and there, coconut milk is additionally included.


Like conventional korma,( additionally called kurma and qorma) which has seared brilliant onion, an assortment of garam masala and yogurt. The white korma has onion glue , assortment of garam masala and almond glue, poppy or cashew glue. It is profoundly fragrant.

Korma Special



½ kg chicken

Glue 1

1 tablespoon ginger glue or 1 inch ginger piece – (adrak)

1 tablespoon garlic glue or 3 cloves – (lahsun)

1 tablespoon green bean stew glue or 3-4 entire – (choti hari mirch)

150 gm or 1 medium onion – , cut in lumps

Glue 2

¼ cup de silver almond – (badaam bagair chilkay), hardly any more for embellish

¼ cup dried up coconut – (sookha khopra) or 2 tablespoon coconut milk powder or 1 tablespoon coconut cream


6 dark pepper – (kali mirch)

4 clove – (laung)

4 green cardamom – ,squashed (choti elaichi)

1 dark cardamom – (bari elaichi)

1 inch cinnamon – dal cheeni

4 round red bean stew – (gol lal mirch)

1 teaspoon cumin – ,cooked and squashed (kuta zeera)

1 teaspoon coriander powder – (sukha dhanya)

White Korma Dish


½ cup vegetable oil

150 gm or 1 medium onion – , cut

½ cup greek yogurt or 250 gm yogurt – (dahi)

½ cup water or more

¼ cup cream – , discretionary

¼ teaspoon all flavor powder – (garam masala)

¼ teaspoon dark pepper


Prep Steps

Make Paste 1

Make a fine glue green chilies, ginger garlic and 1 onion. Put in a safe spot.

Make Paste 2

Dry meal almonds and let it cool for a moment. Crush almonds and coconut into a fine glue. Add some milk whenever required to shape a glue. Put in a safe spot

Make Korma

Fry cut onions in oil until brilliant darker and put in a safe spot for embellish.

In same onion oil, fry dark pepper, clove, green and dark cardamom, round red bean stew in oil for 30 seconds.

Include cumin and coriander powder, mix and include glue 1 right away. Fry until shading changes and oil isolates. (3 minutes)

Include chicken and fry with steady mixing until shade of chicken changes from pink to brown.(5 minutes)

Include almond and coconut glue 2, yogurt and salt. Spread and cook for 15 minutes on medium fire.

Next include cream, dark pepper powder and all zest powder, mix well. Include ½ cup water for sauce. Spread and cook on medium low fire until oil isolates.

Enhancement with seared onions and almond cuts. Scrumptious white korma is prepared to serve.

Chicken Korma with Milk


Make a glue of ginger, garlic, green bean stew and onions. Put in a safe spot. (Glue 1)

Next made glue of almonds. Utilize some milk if required.(If you don’t care for lumpy surface of coconut, you can include coconut milk or coconut cream rather for smooth surface.) Paste 2

Fry an onion and put in a safe spot for decorate.

In same oil fry entire flavors first at that point powdered flavors.

Quickly, include onion glue 1 so flavors don’t consume and lose its flavors.

For 2-3 minutes until oil isolates.

Fry chicken in masala until shading changes. (5 minutes.)

Presently, blend in yogurt and almond coconut glue 2.

Blend well. Include 1/4 cup water and chicken will cook in common water of yogurt.

Spread and cook until chicken is delicate for 10-15 minutes.

Include cream when chicken is cooked yet it is discretionary.

Include all flavor powder, dark pepper powder and almonds parts.

Stew on low fire until oil isolates. White badami korma is prepared to serve. Embellishment with singed onions.

Another strategy is likewise given as follow.

Warmth oil in a profound skillet or wok.

Include onions and cook low flares for 3-4 minutes or until onion’s water dry totally.

At that point include chicken and cook for 5 minutes or until never again pink.

Include ginger garlic glue and pan fried food for 30 seconds.

Presently include salt, turmeric powder,whole dark pepper, mace powder and nutmeg powder.

Continue Stirring.


Include yogurt and green chilies.

Spread with a top and let it cook on low blazes for 15-20 minutes or until chicken is delicate.

Mix as often as possible.

Include 1 cup of water in it.

Heat to the point of boiling, include cardamoms and white cumin seeds in it.

Pour kewra substance and mood killer the warmth.

Take it out in a serving bowl.

Sprinkle ginger cuts over it.

Flavorful White Korma is prepared at this point.

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