I can’t disclose to you the amount I love my mince samosa. They were most loved since youth. Also, I would never have enough.

I was attempting to include this somasa formula for about a year. Truly! An entire year. At that point what was halting me? We as a whole love samosa and each time they were gone before photographs. I made these thrice and thrice I was unable to figure out how to make appropriate set up for spread as I accomplish for all spread photographs.

In this way, here a photograph of uncooked samosa for spread till I can figure out how to make these treats again and take photographs. Since, my Ramadan Iftar assortment is fragmented without samosa, I chose to include the samosa post without sufficient spread.

Qeema Samosa Special

Samosas are acceptable yet Von-veg samosas are far and away superior. To make keema samosa, you simply need to supplant the filling of Samosa and do a few changes, this will let you appreciate the flavor of non-veg inside samosas. It’s a twofold treat for non-veg darlings. Follow this simple bit by bit formula to have an amazing treat

Vegans can look at this Samosa formula.


Samosa needs a fiery filling since they are enclosed by roti strips which cut downs a great deal of samosa flavoring.

In the event that you discover filling less hot simply include some Chat masala for talk pata season.


For Qeema filling

250 mince – lamb or hamburger

½ cup water


1 tablespoon ginger garlic glue – full

½ tablespoon coriander – broiled and grounded

½ tablespoon cumin – broiled and grounded

½ tablespoon red stew powder – or more to taste

½ teaspoon all flavor powder

¼ teaspoon turmeric powder

¾ teaspoon salt or to taste

Samosa Qeema


1 onion – finely cleaved

2-3 medium green chillies – finely cleaved

¾ cup green onion – finely cleaved

¼ cup green coriander – cleaved

¼ cup mint leaves – cleaved

1 teaspoon visit masala – or according to taste

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Somasa Wraps – Manda 12 or as required

2 tablespoon wheat flour – blended in little water to make glue.


In a pot, take wash mince, water and all flavors. Cook for 15 minutes on medium fire or until water dries.

Let mince cool to room temperature than include every single residual element of somasa filling.

Fill the samosa wrap with filling and seal the closures with wheat flour and water glue.

Fry samosa on medium warmth for 3 minutes until fresh.

Present with imli or fiery green chutney.

Samosa Special Dish


25 Minutes +15 Minutes

Headings for Filling Mixture:

1.Add Cooking oil in a skillet, let it some warm

2.Then include ginger garlic glue, fry it gently then include sheep minced, and cook for some time

3.Now include salt, simmered Cumin (squashed), turmeric powder, broiled coriander (squashed), red bean stew powder, blend well and cook until completely done

4.Add Green Chilies, onions, crisp coriander, and cook

5.Filling blend Qeema Samosa is prepared

Headings for Qeema Samosa:

1.Add water in a little bowl at that point include Maida and set up a blend

2.Take a move patti and make little samosa in a triangle shape

3.Apply Maida blend (which we have arranged in first step) at the edges of samosa with the assistance of a delicate brush

4.Now fill this samosa with filling blend which is as of now arranged

5.Close from the corners (It won’t open since we have applied Maida at the corners)

6.Put these samosa’s into a straightforward plastic sack for freezing reason

You can freeze for 2-3 weeks)

7.Add cooking oil in a container and fry these samosa until they changed into brilliant

Darker Serve with Ketchup/Raita

Wash the minced meat appropriately. Bring meat into pressure cooker alongside 1 glass of water and cook for around 1 whistle on high warmth and 5 minutes on medium fire. At that point channel the overabundance water utilizing strainer as appeared beneath in picture. Take modest quantity of cooked meat in a blender and mix it coarsely.

Take washed mince, flavors, and ½ cup water in a pot, blend well and spread it. Cook for 15-20 minutes on medium warmth until mince is cooked and dry.

Like this, mince is completely dry. Presently let us cook to room temperature.

Blend all remaining somasa filling fixings in cooled mince. Your filling is prepared.

Blend little wheat flour with water to make ‘somasa fixing glue’.

Check the above picture to perceive how to overlay Samosa.

This makes around 12 medium samosa.

Fry samosa on medium warmth for 3-4 moment until brilliant and firm.

This is Bohra conventional thal on a unique event. Samosa are obvious on the left.

Pakistani Qeema Samosa

Minced chicken sauteed in flavors at that point enveloped by cake sheets and prepared to flawlessness!! Arranged both the non-veg samosas and veggie samosas for my family! Try not to let the extensive rundown of fixings overwhelm you from evaluating this tasty formula, when the meat blend is done from that point on the formula is truly simple.

Chicken can be subbed with lamb; substitute it with tofu, potato-peas blend, or even paneer for vegan choices. The meat blend is anything but difficult to assemble and more often than not goes in amassing the samosas, well its value the exertion. Keema filling is scrumptious, with striking and sweet-smelling flavors. In the event that you intend to make it for a gathering, at that point set it up early and let the flavors set in

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