Shami kebab is an awesome nibble from hyderabadi food. This simple to-cook shami kebab formula is made by sheep however Shami kebabs can be veggie lover as well. An ideal nibble for evening gatherings at home, lamb shami kebab will be incredible as a starter dish presented with a backup of your decision.

Bit by bit formula of Pakistani Shami kabab with photographs of each progression.

I’m making these for school lunch box. My senior child is a meat sweetheart and requirements appropriate lunch so these kababs, Keema Cutletsand chicken strips are helpful in the first part of the day for brisk lunch prepares. They can be utilized in making buns kabab as tikki for a shami bun kabab. In Pakistan, shami kabab are first thing to come as a top priority when considering Ramadan plans as they are gigantically well known and simple to make. As these kabab have cooked meat so you can store them for longer period.

Shami Kabab

Typically, shami kebabs are dunked in egg and afterward seared. Be that as it may, as I needed snappy solidified shami kababs. I have plunged these in egg and covered in bread scraps. In this way, I simply need to toss solidified kabab in hot oil and firm shami kabab are prepared.


Preparing kabab

500 gram boneless meat – (gosht bagair haddi)

4 tablespoons oil – , see notes

250 gram or 1 cup split chickpea – (channa ki dal), doused for 2 hours in warm water

1 tablespoon green bean stew glue

2 inch ginger or 1 ½ tablespoon ginger glue – (adrak)

4 garlic cloves or 1 tablespoon garlic – (lahsun)

6 round red bean stew or 1 teaspoon red stew powder – (sabut gol lal mirch)

5 clove laung

2 inch cinnamon – (dal cheeni)

1 dark cardamom – (bari elaichi)

1 tablespoon corriander powder – (dhanya)

1 teaspoon cumin – (sabut zeera)

½ teaspoon dark pepper – (kali mirch)

½ teaspoon turmeric – (haldi)

1 cup water

salt to taste

Kabab Recipe

Framing kabab

1 tablespoon cleaved green chillies – (hari mirch)

1 tablespoon cleaved new coriander – (hara dhanya)

1 tablespoon cleaved mint – (pudina)

1 teaspoon talk masala

200 gm or 1 huge onion, – cleaved (piyaz)

2 egg, – hard bubbled (ubla howa anda)

4 eggs – (anday)

oil for fricasseeing


Preparing kabab

In a pot take meat, split chickpea, ginger , garlic, salt, turmeric, coriander powder, red bean stew, cumin, cinnamon, dark and green cardamom, cloves, oil and one cup water. Cook for 30 minutes until meat is delicate and daal is delicate and soft.

Consume all the abundance water with consistent blending. This progression is significant.

Allow the blend to cool. At that point in a chopper make a smooth blend of dal and meat.

Shami Special

Shaping kabab

In an enormous dish take kabab blend, mint , crisp coriander, green chilies, talk masala, 2 bubbled egg, 1 beaten egg and onion. Blend well.

Make elliptical or circle molded kabab from the blend.

Beat staying three egg with salt and 1/2 teaspoon red bean stew powder.

Dunk each kabab in egg and afterward in bread morsels.

Fry each kabab in oil until brilliant darker and serve hot.

For freezing, Place all kababs independently in plate, freeze them for 2 hours. When kabab are completely solidified. Spot them one over other in a water/air proof compartment and freeze. Fry solidified kababs straightforwardly in hot oil.

Likewise include turmeric, coriander powder and cumin.

Cook until meat is delicate and water dries totally. You can consume water or high fire with steady blending. Daal ought to be very delicate and soft.

Let the blend cool at that point make a glue in chopper.

Include mint , crisp coriander, green chilies, talk masala, 2 bubbled egg, 1 beaten egg and onion.

Make kabab, elliptical or circle formed.

Beat three eggs with salt and ½ teaspoon red stew powder. Dunk each Kabab in egg first.

At that point cover with bread scraps.

Rehash same strides with all kababs. Your shami kabab are prepared to freeze or broil.

Shami Kebabs are every now and again served in our homes whether it is Eid ul Fitar, Eid ul Adha, or some other event, shami kabab is a typical visitor serving nourishment. I needed to make various bites and desserts to serve on Eid and my first inclination here was to make Shami Kebabs. I am making Shami Kebabs for Eid, however for taste, I singed some of them and they tasted amazing. I am imparting its formula to you with all means required to make these shami kababs.

Shami kebabs is without a doubt the most widely recognized and most famous visitor serving nibble in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It has a place with Punjabi, Indian and Bangladeshi cooking styles and eaten excitedly over the district. Shami kebab is a customary nourishment to serve to visitors on events, celebrations and gatherings.

Shami Special Recipe

Special Method:

Wash lentil well.

Include salt, entire red bean stew, onions, white cumin, coriander powder, ginger garlic with lentils and cook.

At the point when lentil is kneaded, include chicken and cook.

At the point when chicken is delicate and water is dried, include ground allspice powder and blend well.

At the point when lentil and chicken is delicate, granulate them two well with wooden churner (you can likewise utilize chopper).

In the wake of granulating, include cleaved onions, green bean stew, green coriander and mint and blend in with lentil and chicken and afterward include eggs. Blend well. Structure kababs and fry.

Chicken shami kababs are prepared.

Locate a scrumptious shami kabab formula to make with chicken and split bengal gram.

Among a large number of chicken plans, shami kabab is a top most loved of numerous Pakistanis. Each progression is made exceptionally understood with pictures and with comparing steps. We can expect you can cook Shami Kababs with chicken meat in the wake of perusing this bit by bit formula.

Pakistani Shami Kabab Recipe

Shami Kabab keeps the estimation of a convention in Pakistani Cuisine. With time, it’s prominence became higher and it was not constrained to Pakistan yet received as a custom in other Asian nations. When in doubt of thumb, it is cooked with hamburger meat however now it is likewise cooked with Chicken. is introducing bit by bit formula for chicken shami kababs. Cook the formula and your coolers would be stuffed with Chicken Shamis today around evening time.

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