Since promotion began for his debut album in June 2002, Rob had radio interviews with the likes of Galaxy FM, XFM and Jo Whiley. Rob has also had interviews in the US with KCRWs Jason Bentley and Live 105 in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Below are some excerpts from his interviews:

Rob Dougan on MTV(not radio sample, but TV)
MTV Rated N' Recommended

Rob Dougan on US Station, KCRW
KCRW1(wav) - Part 1 of the KCRW Interview
KCRW2(wav)- Part 2 of the KCRW Interview
KCRW3(wav) - Part 3 of the KCRW Interview
KCRW4 (wav)- Part 4 of the KCRW Interview
Rob Dougan on Eins-Live(Germany)
Eins-Live 2:53(Real Audio) - Interview with Dougan in Germany, though it is mostly a translator talking for Dougan in German. File does not appear to exist anymore.
XFM - The Hijack
Rob Dougan's Playlist - 25th May 2003, 17:00 - 18:00 UK Time

I Did it my way - Sex Pistols
Sample of Rob introducing show
Rob Dougan- Chateau
Rob Dougan - I'm Not Driving anymore
Sample of Rob introducing Public Enemy and discussing Matrix Reloaded a little
Public Enemy - ???
Rob Dougan - Left me for Dead
Sample of Rob introducing David Bowie
David Bowie - It's no game
Sample of Rob discussing Bowie & Furious Angels
Rob Dougan - Furious Angels
Sample of Rob discussing Wu-Tang Clan
Wu Tang Clan - CREAM
Sample of Rob introducing Clubbed To Death remix
Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death(La Funk Mob Variation) -
Rob Dougan - Will you follow me?
One of Robs favourites?
Rob Dougan - Speed me towards Death
David Bowie - The Bewlay brothers
Introducing Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop - Success
BBC 6Music Digital Radio
Rob Dougan discusses four influential singles
Broadcasted: 28th May 2003, UK, 20:00

How Rob began in music
Selection: Tom Robinson - "Wall baby"
Rob discusses Leonard Cohen
Selection: Leonard Cohen - "First we take Manhatten"
Rob discusses Cohen further and lyrics
Selection: David Bowie -
Rob talks Bowie, Sinatra and Matrix
Selection: Rob Dougan - Furious Angels
Discusses music in films
Selection: Pogues - Dirty Ol' Town
Discusses singers and lyrics
Selection: Velvert Underground ft. Lou Reed - "Pale blue eyes"
Discusses 'Furious Angels 2CD'.

Rob's news

I'm writing a couple of songs for the Sugababes to keep my hand in (what hand is more.


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