Gajar ka halwa is an Indian Pakistani conventional sweet. Right now ka halwa is made with khoya, AKA mawa. Khoya is essentially strong disintegrated milk made by vanishing milk until practically strong. You can discover formula of khoya on Spice up the curry

Gajar implies carrot in Hindi and Urdu, gajar halwa is all the more generally depicted as Indian carrot pudding embellished with nuts promotion dry natural products. You need crisp carrots, milk, sugar and ghee as fundamental fixings to make this halwa. In the event that you make halwa with milk, the cooking time is long. So to diminish cooking time, I’m utilizing khoya right now. What’s more, this is a similar technique utilized by most business eateries. Thus, this is additionally café/sweet shop style halwa.



This halwa is a winter charms as new, sweet and red carrots are abundant in winters. The formula of this carrot halwa is extremely adjusted and gives you immaculate halwa that is neither too sweet nor dull. This halwa isn’t excessively substantial with ghee and khoya and has an ideal mix. This formula is for 1 kg so you can without much of a stretch twofold or triple the formula.

The most significant hint for making best gajar ka halwa is to utilize red (not orange), succulent and ideally Pakistani carrots. They taste best, give that ideal surface. In this way, investing additional energy in discovering right carrots is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble

Individuals as that what sort of dish is this, The straight answer is no on the grounds that the carrot halwa is stacked with fats and sugar and I can’t call that solid. Presently, on the off chance that you contrast halwa and different desserts like toffee or sweet. Clearly, gajar halwa is more beneficial choice with nutrient and minerals from carrots, and nut. In addition protein from milk.

Carrot halwa in little part is sound for any ordinary individual uncommonly developing children. In any case, carrot halwa with genuine sweetener is most noticeably awful decision for a diabetic patients.

Truly, on the off chance that you are truly searching for sound adaptation, I prescribe you to have a carrot serving of mixed greens with scarcely any nuts. What’s more, on the off chance that you at times enjoy sweet tooth joys, we should move to the formula.

Gajar Halwa with Khoya

Generally, halwa is served warm, and the vast majority like it warm. Hot gajar halwa can be combined with vanilla dessert.

I like my halwa to be tolerably hot while hubby likes it chilled. Along these lines, it’s a serious individual taste inclination.


Halwa in cool spots can remain useful for as long as 48 hours. Ensure the halwa is kept in cool and very much ventilated spot.

Different approaches to store gajar halwa without cooler is canning. You have to put additional layer of oil/ghee on top halwa in the can to build time span of usability of gajar ka halwa. The additional oil can be evacuated before warming.

Would we be able to FREEZE GAJAR KA HALWA?

The halwa can be made in huge clump and put away in cooler for barely any weeks. Truly, this halwa freezes very well for 2-3 months. To warm include little milk and warmth in skillet until hot.

The entire procedure of halwa making is tedious, I strongly prescribe making an enormous bunch and freezing the overabundance in little parts. You can make around 2-3 kg halwa in winter and freeze a large portion of it. I especially, prescribed freezing so you eat halwa in little bits. I likewise send some to loved ones.

Milk Khoya with Gajar


The pictorial shows creation of 2 KG carrot halwa. The formula card has formula of 1 kg halwa so you can without much of a stretch twofold or triple formula. The cooking time will increment as you twofold the formula so search for visual sign of each progression.


1: Wash and strip carrots. To strip scratch the carrots with edge of blade to evacuate slender roots and next to no skin. (No compelling reason to utilize a peeler or expel a lot of skin).

2: Shred carrots. (You can likewise finely cleave carrot in a nourishment processor. It is anything but a customarily utilized strategy, I don’t suggest that.)

3: Heat desi ghee or spread in a wok or thick based skillet and include cardamom powder, give it a mix.( You may utilize 3-4 entire cardamom however squash it to open the case skin for improved flavors.)

4: Next, goes in destroyed carrots. Spread the pot and cook for 5-10 minutes until delicate.

5: Color of carrot transforms, it is delicate and diminished in volume.

6: Add milk and sugar. The sugar will liquefy and there will be a great deal of fluid in the pot. Spread the top and cook for 15-25 minutes on medium warmth till water dries. Continue blending at interims.

7: Now, the vast majority of the water has dried. You’ll see some oil isolating now.

8: At this stage, include half of disintegrated khoya and blend well.

9: Cook (bhunnofy) for 5-7 minutes till oil isolates bountifully. Be cautious after this point as halwa can without much of a stretch get singed in the wake of including khoya. So cook on low warmth or keep a frying pan/tawa under your pot. Remain alert!

10: In a skillet, dry dish nuts until firm.

11: Add remaining khoya, simmered nuts and splashed raisins to the pot. Spread cook for 5 minutes. Mix cautiously without over blending the khoya. (This cooking step will build up some steam (dum) in pot and cook remaining khoya).

You can spare a few nuts and khoya independently to decorate later on singular servings.

Gajar and Khoya for Halwa


1 kg carrot – stripped and ground

¾ cup ghee – (explained spread) (see notes)

¾ teaspoon cardamom powder

½ cup milk

¾-1 cup sugar – less or more to taste

2¼ cup khoya – disintegrated (250 grams)

2-3 tablespoon raisin

¼ cup blended nuts – for embellishing; almond, pistachio, cashew


Liquefy ghee in a thick bottomed wok and include cardamom powder.

At that point include ground carrot. Spread and cook for 5 minutes on medium high warmth till carrots are delicate.

Evacuate top, cook for 15-20 minutes to consume abundance water, mixing in the middle.

Presently, include sugar and milk. The sugar will soften and get watery. Dry all water by cooking for 10 minutes. Continue blending.

At that point include half khoya and cook further for 7-10 minutes. At the point when you see ghee isolates lavishly from sides of container. Include dry organic products, nuts and remaining khoya.

Spread top and let it stew on low fire for 5 minutes. Gajar halwa is prepared.

Sugar: Carrots shift from area to district so change sugar whenever required.

Khoya: Instead of khoya, you can utilize 3 cup milk powder.

Ghee: You can diminish ghee up to ½ cup. I have made gajar halwa with vegetable oil as well. Taste contrasts a ton however you can utilize it. You can likewise utilize unsalted margarine rather than ghee.

Gajar ka halwa or Carrot pudding is a customary South Asian treat that is made with carrots, milk, fats and sugar. It’s one of those dishes you locate each other Indian/Pakistani making during winters since you get those flawlessly ruddy, sweet and succulent carrots, which are this current season’s trademark. These carrots are sweet and you can change over them into other Pakistani pastries like carrot barfi or gajrela. This halwa, is unquestionably, the warm embrace your body needs right now. Gajar ka Halwa and Fried Fish are two practically obligatory things us darker individuals make in winters.

In fact, South Asian pastries, as halwas are a brief period devouring to make. Be that as it may, it turns out, this halwa is really one of the simpler ones of the parcel. Gracious and in the event that you are searching for simple South Asian treats, you should look at this Shahi Tukda (bread pudding) formula as well.

Gajar halwa special

Additionally, I took in another stunt for halwas, where you don’t need to mix a great deal during cooking(check bit by bit beneath)! Obviously, there is a printable formula card toward the finish of the post. Moreover, directly here is a basic bit by bit to follow!

So like all different halwas, this Carrot Halwa utilizes Milk, Ghee and Sugar, with green cardamoms (for fragrance obviously). Take a gander at those lovely carrots!

The other enchantment fixing right now called the Khoya or Khoa. Khoa is dissipated milk solids made by warming the milk in an open sauce container.

It is utilized in different Indian/Pakistani pastries. It adds surface and flavor to the halwa. You can even make Khoya at home (click here to know how) or, just get it at an Indian/Pakistani treat shop.

Putting away THE HALWA

You can store this halwa in a cooler where it remains new for 2 to 3 weeks. In any case, trust me,it won’t keep going that long. Assuming, be that as it may, you intend to spare some for some other time, you can even freeze this halwa and essentially warm at whatever point you want. This works in support of me when I’m anticipating an evening gathering ahead of time.

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