Explore Top 15 Universities in Australia

Explore Top 15 Universities in Australia

  • Introduction:

Do you want to complete your higher studies in Australia? If YES, then you should first need to apprehend the top universities in Australia.

Out of the top-ranked 35 Australian universities this year, only a few universities have fallen in the top Australian university ranking list since last year. The Australian National University is one of the on-demand and exceptional institutes of Australia.Twenty-six universities out of top-ranked 35 institutions improved their ranking score from last year’s ranking list. The main factor that contributed to improvement is the increased proportion of international students in many Australian institutes. Here is a brief overview of the top 15 universities in Australia and how they are ranked.

Top Ranked 15 Best Universities of Australia:

  • ANU (Australian National University):

The Australian National University is one of the highest-ranking and demanding universities of the 2019 year. However, it is ranked ahead of the next best
University in Australia. The ANU endowment was $1.8 billion, according to 2018 statistics. It enrolls 10,840 postgraduates and 10,052 undergraduates. Also, 3,753 staff members.

  • UON (University of Newcastle):

Many people confuse UON with the name of the institute in the UK. It was first founded in 1965, and the main quad of the University of Newcastle is located in New South Wales. UON has approximately 26,600 students on all its campuses. The University is recognized for its excellence, higher education, and famous productive laboratories.

  • UTS (University of Technology Sydney):

The University of Technology Sydney is among one of the most recent top-ranked Australian universities found in the history of higher education. UTS was initially established in 1988. The University of Technology is listed among the top universities globally by achieving four out of six ranking symbols. One ranking factor was university employer reputation.

  • UOA (University of Adelaide):

UOA is recognized for its innovative research project in many research areas by the ERA (Excellence in Research Australia). Its impressive work in research areas and the technology field is appreciated according to a national research evaluation framework designed by ARC (Australian Research Council). It improves its ranking eight places in the world’s top 100 universities.

  • UWA (University of Western Australia):

The University of Western Australia is already ranked in the list of the Educational Department of Australia among 80 top institutes. UWA scores better in all ranking indicators than other universities in Australia. It outscores, including the number of research paper citations per faculty member (a measure to research results) and the proportion of international faculty staff members.

  • Monash University, Australia:

Monash University is primarily based in Melbourne and has five sub-campuses in the state of Victoria and two overseas university campuses in South Africa and Malaysia. It improved its global ranking by one place this year.
Monash University falls in the top 30 universities in the world for scholastic and business reputation. It is named after a great military leader, engineer, and public worker Sir John Monash. It was established in 1958 and is the biggest University in Australia.

  • UQA (University of Queensland, Australia):

The University was established in the nation’s capital Brisbane. It is acknowledged for its innovations in research fields, including cervical cancer vaccine. It is the first-ranked University in Australia that is also ranked in the top 40 institutes of the world.

  • UNSW (University of New South Wales):

University of New South Wales is an authorizing division of eight research-intensive universities in Australia. However, it has a poor proportion of students to staff members, but it scores high in the other five ranking indicators for top university ranking.

  • UOS (University of Sydney):

The University of Sydney is the leading institute in Australia. It is one of the biggest and recommended universities in Australia. It outscores the proportion of international faculty members and students than any other top-ranked university of Australia.

  • UOM (University of Melbourne):

UOM has huge student diversity than any other university in Australia. About 45% of students of this University are international students. UOM is also acknowledged as the highest-ranked University in Australia in both academic and employer reputations than any other Australian university.

  • RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology):

According to QS University Ranking 2020, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ranked 14th in the country and 238th in the world. RMIT students are provided with the best high-tech facilities and can perform research and lab experiments practically in industrial standard laboratories.
The final year students of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology can also undertake work-integrated educational projects which enable them to use their knowledge and learning skills in real workplace projects.

  • FedUni (Federation University):

FedUni has a deep standing history and is ranked in the best 100 universities in the world for its quality education on international and international campuses. The main dedication of this University is to bring a positive change in each student’s life. Moreover, the final year students of Federation University can undertake biotechnological projects integrated with regional industries.

  • FU (Flinders University):

Based on the QS University Ranking 2020, the FU is ranked 15th in the country and 424th globally. Flinders University students can undertake a six-week summer research project, or in nine-month honors, industrial project, or can select both. Students are facilitating laboratory placement, one-on-one interactive monitoring sessions with medical and industrial research leaders.

  • The University of Tasmania, Australia (UTAS):

UTAS was founded in 1890 and is located in Tasmania, Australia. The University offers multiple educational programs in various disciplines for undergraduates and postgraduate students. UTAS is integrated with 20 specialist research centers and cooperative research institutions.

  • Charles Darwin University, Australia:

CDU is an Australian public research university. It has eight regional and metropolitan campuses, and the main university campus is located in Darwin. Times Higher Education 2020 ranks Charles Darwin University 101-150 globally. It was ranked within 50 top universities out of 100 top universities. It makes it the youngest Australian University to make this rank.

  • Final Verdict:

Many globally ranked and well-known universities are located in Australia. There are huge opportunities for international research students to reach the best teachers and professors. If you want to study for a bachelor, master, or Ph.D. in law, business, medical, or engineering by a reputed international university, you must consider top-ranked Australian Universities.

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