Bit by bit bajra roti formula with photographs. Bajra roti or pearl millet level bread is dim level bread that isn’t are engaging in appearance contrasted with other level breads. This level bread has provincial and interesting taste. The absence of flexible gluten protein makes it hard to roll at the same time, with this straightforward bit by bit, you can without much of a stretch make it.

My hubby cherishes bajra roti. This level bread is very filling so you can’t devour it in huge amounts like roti or chapati. In any case, the uplifting news is you can freeze the remains. Albeit, new tastes best.

bajra roti formula | bajre ki roti | pearl millet roti formula | sajje rotti with definite photograph and video formula. a solid conventional north indian roti formula made with bajra flour or pearl mill operator flour. it is especially made in rajasthani cooking and normally presented with dry curries or sabzi for lunch and supper. it is commonly well known at the dry or hot atmosphere socioeconomics on the grounds that it is considered to chill off the body and give fundamental enhancements. bajra roti formula, bajre ki roti, pearl millet roti formula, sajje rotti with bit by bit photograph and video formula. Pakistani cooking chiefly manages flatbread plans which are either made with grain flour or millet flours. commonly the sort of flour expended altogether relies on the socioeconomics and its highlights. one such enormously mainstream sound roti formula is bajra roti or pearl millet roti known for its medical advantages.


Bajra is a Hindi word. Bajra is otherwise called pearl millet in English. It is utilized in Sindhi, Gujarati and Rajhistani cooking to make kebabs and level bread.

Pakistani Bajra Roti


Bajra flour is made by crushing bajra grains (pearl millet). Bajra flour is additionally called bajra atta.

Indeed, bajra or pearl millet is sans gluten and is incredible alternative for gluten prejudiced individuals. The gluten protein that is available in wheat and wheat subordinates is missing in bajra.

Absence of gluten makes the roti less flexible contrasted with wheat flour roti not many individuals think that its hard to making bajra roti. So I have made extremely little and thick roti which are anything but difficult to deal with.


Bajra or pearl millet is high in fiber, protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron.

Bajra need more opportunity to process contrasted with different grains. This makes it a decent choice for weight reduction as is keep you full for longer span.

Bajra is useful for diabetes in light of the fact that dissimilar to different grains it gradually discharges glucose in blood, keeping glucose levels in charge.

Bajra roti is uniquely eaten in winters as utilization of bajra is equipped for keeping the body warm. In this manner, numerous specialists encourage to devour bajra with some restraint during summers as it can mess stomach related up whenever expended in huge amounts routinely.

Bajra flour isn’t keto agreeable in light of the fact that 100 grams of bajra contains 67 grams of starches. While keto diet is a low carb diet, bajra can add an excess of carb to your supper and show you out of ketosis.

Bajra Roti Special


1. Carry water to bubble.

2. In a bowl take bajra (pearl millet) flour, oil and salt.

3. Pour ¾ cup heated water and blend in with a spoon. At that point blend flour and water in with hands to make a mixture. On the off chance that you need more water include gradually. The batter won’t require any plying as it is sans gluten.

4. The mixture is prepared however it shouldn’t be hard or roti will be hard as well. Also, exceptionally delicate staying mixture will make it extremely hard to make roti. So modify by including more flour or water whenever required. Nature of Bajra atta additionally is significant.

5. Turn 10 balls out of mixture. Shape the balls into round circle. (At this progression likewise place the tava for warming on medium high fire ).

6. Fold each plate into level roti with hands utilizing bajra flour, almost no tidying will be required. You can utilize moving pin as well.

7. When tava is hot put bajra roti on it. Cook First side half done.

8. Presently flip and completely cook the subsequent side.

9. Presently flip again completely cook the principal side( that was half cooked). See the roti puffs up. On the off chance that your roti puffs up it mean you cooked it right and it will be delicate. In the event that it doesn’t puff, no compelling reason to stress with training it will begin puffing.

10. First side of roti is additionally cooked at this point. You can either spread some oil in the wake of expelling from tava or you can sear roti with 1 teaspoon oil or ghee. Serve hot with bhuna keema or bohra lasanyo.

11. For youngsters and little children, you can make a cut in roti with blade. At that point include a dab of spread and some sugar. The sugar and margarine will liquefy in hot roti. At that point break this roti into small bits. This is called choori. You can sustain little children with this sound nourishment.

Bajra Special Recipe

Attempt these Veggie with Bajra roti

1. Sarsoon ka saag (mustard green)

2. Blend vegetable curry

3. Aloo baingan (aubergine and potato curry)

4. Aloo Palak (spinach and potato curry)

5. Karela masala (unpleasant melon curry)

6. Bhindi masala (okra curry)

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