Here’s is my aloo gosht formula, Pakistani style with photographs of each progression. Aloo Gosht is so hailed in Pakistani home cooking , it can raise itself as National dish. In any case, meat is costly and some poor Pakistani can have it just periodically. That is the place daal chawal turns out to be better applicant as national nourishment of Pakistan.

I will put it all on the line here and state that I think Aaloo Gosht is the quintessential Pakistani dish, the caring that doesn’t discover it’s direction onto numerous eatery menus, however is a staple in each home. Be it with Goat meat or Beef, bone in or boneless, each family has their variant of aalu gosht and I can’t help suspecting that they are for the most part flavorful.

My Nano is the undisputed hero of making aaloo gosht. Her salan is light and nearly juices like and the flavor is so absolutely delightful that us boneless meat eaters would excuse her those hunks of bones with smallish bits of meat. I couldn’t imagine anything better than to disclose to you this is her formula, however oh dear it isn’t. None of her four girls make this specific salan/curry as she does and I can dare to dream to figure out the code one day. For the time being I offer you a very scrumptious second: my moms. Or on the other hand rather, my rendition of my moms, the cooking technique is my sister parents in law.

The starting point of this dish is hard to follow in light of the fact that it a straightforward dish, one thing is without a doubt it is famous in Pakistan and Indian Muslim areas like Hyderabad and Dehli.


What is generally significant in cooking aloo (potatoes) gosht (red meat) is getting a meager single string sauce.


Aloo gosht is a staple stew in each pakistani homes and each home has an alternate adaptation. The fixing are pretty much same, the genuine distinction is in the cooking style, timings and temperature. More intriguing that nobody has a precise formula and everybody cooks through “andaza” that is visual estimation. So when I cook aloo gosht, it tastes not quite the same as my mothers adaptation and that is dazzling having diverse taste inevitably.

Aloo Gosht Latest Dish

I make this aloo gosht formula in two variants. One with dark colored onions as I did right now. With seared/dark colored onions, taste is particularly delightful than underneath adaptation. What’s more, a bit of burning (bhunnofying) till oil isolates carries out the responsibility.

Bother Free, Easy form of Aloo Gosht Recipe : Another one is with crude onions, I take onions and tomatoes, each cut in four pieces alongside every other fixing aside from potatoes and embellishment. At that point, I put it all in the pot and let it cook on moderate warmth until meat is delicate. A great deal of singing on high warmth must be done until oil isolates on the two sides of dish to get that particular simmered (bhunna) taste. At last, I include potatoes and some water. At the point when potatoes are delicate, my aloo gosht is prepared. I calls this issue free form since it has no fine cleaving, it’s one pot stew and requires almost no dynamic cooking time. This adaptation is additionally extraordinary for moderate cooking.

Another strategy that isn’t conventional is the point at which you mix the sauce in processor for a smooth surface. In the event that you fry onions on low warmth for 15 minutes, your onions will disintegrate without the need to beat the onion tomato sauce in nourishment processor. The beating never gives a similar outcome as this, even the shading is extraordinary.


Including tomatoes cuts in lumps or finely cleaved or puree is close to home inclination. Puree or tomato glue gives best surface. Cutting in enormous pieces additionally helps better cooking and dissolving of tomatoes.


In conclusion, a few people would include heaps of potatoes right now some would include only one for foundation taste so alter as you like.

In the event that your potatoes take long to cook, at that point you may bubble potatoes with salt and a touch of turmeric. At the point when potatoes are half done add to the curry and dispose of the water utilized for bubbling. Some incline toward adding singed brilliant potatoes to the sauce, I didn’t right now keep it straightforward.

On the off chance that you don’t include potatoes and quit cooking fourth step, you’ll have delightful Bhunna gosht which is astonishing as well.

Aloo Gosht Desi

Hamburger or sheep or lamb, all work fine for this formula. I love sheep shanks and suggest it for best taste.

Including yogurt or not is an individual inclination. What’s more, I don’t prescribe.


Stage 1: First thing, when you begin cooking is fry onions for 15 minutes on low warmth with incidental mixing. Spread the pot and mix at standard interims. In the interim, wash your meat and do different prepares. The moderate cooking of onion for around 15 minutes makes it extremely delicate and bound to break down into a dainty smooth sauce.

Stage 2: When onion are delicate, go warmth to medium and fry until light brilliant.

Stage 3: Now, the visual sign is the point at which the onion cuts begin to isolate obviously, you mix continually for scarcely any second until they are brilliant. Alter heat varying. You need medium brilliant shading as appeared in stage 3. In the event that you consume your couple of onions cuts, it will ruin both shading and taste of stew.

Stage 4: In this pic, you can see the flavors.

Stage 5: Add flavors to singed onion and fry for 30 seconds. (In the event that utilizing pre-seared dark colored onions as you can simply squash firm onions with your hands and include alongside flavors. I have referenced estimates singed onions too in formula card.)

Stage 6: Stir in sheep and fry for 5 minutes on high warmth until shading changes.

Stage 7: The shading has changed.

Stage 8: Add tomatoes and blend well. Spread and cook until tomato transforms it shading and a portion of its water dries.

Stage 9: Add ½ cup warm water. Blend and spread the cover firmly. Cook on medium warmth until meat is delicate. (30-45 minutes relying upon meat and elevation) Add all the more warm water varying. You can likewise utilize a constrain cooker to accelerate the procedure.

Stage 10: When meat is delicate. We cook the stew on high warmth for 10-15 minutes blending often until oil isolates on sides of pot. (Bhunnofying)

Stage 11: Now, we’ll include potatoes and water. Blend well, ensure potatoes are submerged in sauce. Cook for 10 minutes on medium warmth with top firmly secured until potatoes are fork delicate.

Stage 12: Aloo gosht is prepared. Topping with heaps of hacked new green coriander leaves and slitted green chillies.


1.1 pound sheep/lamb/meat pieces with bones – ,I utilized goat leg pieces. (500 gm)

½ cup oil – ,utilize less if utilizing singed onions

2 (250 gram) onions cut – or ½ cup pressed seared onions, see notes


1 to 1½ tablespoon green bean stew glue – ,less or more bean stew according to flavor level

1 tablespoon ginger garlic glue

½ tablespoon coriander powder

1 teaspoon cumin seeds – or powder

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon Kashmiri bean stew – for shading, discretionary

½ teaspoon salt

1 inch cinnamon

½ teaspoon dark pepper

4 cloves

1 dark cardamom – , split

Aloo Gosht Special


3 tomatoes – , cut in enormous pieces or pureed

3-4 medium potatoes

Water – as required


2-3 green chillies – cut, deseeded

fistful new coriander leaves – ,slashed

2 lemon – wedges


Take oil in a pot and fry onion cuts for 15 minutes on moderate warmth, spread the pot. Fry further on medium fire for 5 minutes until light brilliant.

Presently, include all flavors, give it a mix and let flavors sizzle.

Include meat in the pot and fry further for 7 minutes until meat changes it’s shading to dark colored.

Mix in tomatoes and spread the pot. Cook for 3-4 minutes. At that point include ½ cup warm water, spread the pot. Cook on moderate warmth for 30-45 until meat is delicate. (You may cook in pressure cooker.)

Evacuate cover and cook for 10 minutes on medium warmth with visit mixing until oil isolates in favor of pot. (Bhunnofying)

Pour ¾ cup water in the pot, mix and toss in potatoes lumps. Potatoes ought to be drenched in sauce. Spread the top and cook for 7-10 minutes until potatoes are fork delicate.

Trimming with coriander and chillies.

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